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Rowallane Community Hub - Discover Saintfield

Rowallane Community Hub

Rowallane Community Hub (RCH) will provide modern, accessible multi-use community space, available to all members of Saintfield and the surrounding areas. Located on the Main Street of Saintfield, RCH will offer a range of services and facilities including:

1. The Barn@Rowallane: The old converted barn will provide community space hire to community and voluntary groups for meetings and team building activities. The space will also be offered to local residents for hire for private functions such as birthday parties. For one night a week RCH will host a cinema evening, offering the space for a local independent cinema and will partner with other organisations such as the local cinema group Grand Picture House Downpatrick to showcase locally made productions.

2. The Allotments@Rowallane: will supply locally grown produce for sale, managed by experienced local gardeners and assisted by pupils from the local schools. An Eco-friendly study facility will be established with the purposes of investigating projects such as solar power generation and water conservation due to rainwater harvesting.

3. Community Tradesman: In collaboration with Rowallane Credit Unions Limited’s Trades Directory a team of local tradesmen will offer a Handyman service to all the local community co-ordinated by RCH.

RCH is a Company Limited by Guarantee, with the vision to become a sustainable social enterprise which positively contributes to the community in terms of job creation, eco-education and shared community space provision. RCH will have an open-door policy to all citizens of the community and will be a safe and welcoming environment to all people who could benefit from our services and facilities. RCH will also contribute positively to the physical infrastructure in the Saintfield area, providing a space which will be seen as a best practice example of community regeneration and development.


To offer a lively and welcoming environment to all citizens of the local community this will contribute positively to community development.


Rowallane Community Hub will become a vital part of the Saintfield community and surrounding areas. Offering a range of physical space solutions and services local residents, businesses and schools will avail of the amenities. RCH will spearhead eco-education and develop innovative eco approaches to how we live today and in the future. Rowallane Community Hub will become a place known for having an open-door policy and will enrich the lives of everyone who lives and works in the surrounding area.

  • To develop the physical infrastructure of the Rowallane Community Hub so that it becomes a modern and accessible space, available to the community
  • To establish The Barn@Rowallane as shared space for the community
  • To establish The Allotments@Rowallance to generate produce for sale and establish innovative eco projects
  • To establish the Community Tradesman service, offering affordable and reliable trades services, and supporting local traders get employment and income
  • To become a sustainable social enterprise that creates job opportunities and contributes significantly to the physical infrastructure development of the Saintfield area
The Property

The property to be used is at 35 Main Street, Saintfield, and it is shown here as it used to be, and as it is now.

Finally, here are some more impressions of what the Rowallane Commumity Hub will look like when it is completed.