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Down Your Street – Team Up To Clean Up! - Discover Saintfield

Down Your Street – Team Up To Clean Up!


Litter Pick On 7th September

Special Clean Up at Saintfield Livestock Market

12 bags of litter collected from verges.

Litter Pick On 7th September

Belfast Road

8 bags of litter gathered from the wide grass verges.


Litter Pick On 6th September

Litter Pick On 6th September

On Saturday 6th September 12 volunteers assembled at 12.30 to prepare for another Saintfield Development Association litter pick in Saintfield. Five teams were formed and after the safety briefing and distribution of litter picking equipment they set off to their allocated areas.

Team AYC Shaneen/Bernie/Charlotte with Councillor Terry Andrews covered Listooder Road / Lislane / Shrewsbury and colloected four bags of litter.

Team Brenda/Alan covered Crossgar Road, Old Grand Jury Road and collected one bag of litter.

Team Murial/Lily/Arthur covered Comber Street / Comber Road / Belfast Road and lifted one bag litter.

Team Lyn covered Fair Green and filled one bag with litter.

Team Denis/Lawrence covered Moyra Drive wasteland to Forge Hill Court / Parish Church Car Park / Downpatrick Street Car Park / Play Park / New Line collecting two bags Litter.

Total for the litter pick = 9 bags

The teams met up at 2nd Saintfield Precbyterian Church Hall at 3.00pm for refreshments.

SDA would like to thank everyone for volunteering on the day, and Rev Graham Connor for the use of the hall.

Litter Pick On 6th September

The Down Your Street litter picking campaign started on 9th June 2014. Up to and including 6th September 2014 the volunteer litter pickers have collected:

47 bags of weeds
250 bags of street dirt
127 bags of litter

That makes a total of 424 bags of waste in three months!

So far the burden of lifting this waste has been on a very small group of volunteers, less than six individuals, and larger numbers on community litter picks such as the one described above.

Please help keep Saintfield clean and tidy by picking up and binning any litter you find in front of your house. If we all do a little bit it will make a big difference!


Clean Up On 24th August

Cleaning work done by THREE Saintfield Development Association members:

1 bag ragwort – Crossgar Road

1 bag litter waste – on ground between Maxol and New Line, and then New Line itself

1 bag Litter – Downpatrick Steet Car Park (a real mess)

4 bags of street dirt – Downpatrick Street from Forge Hill Court to Old Grand Jury

12 bags of street dirt – Listooder Road from Lislane around the corner to Academy School lay-by

8 bags of street dirt – Ballygowan Road.

The photographs below show the clean up work on the Ballygowan Road:

Clean Up On 24th August

Clean Up On 24th August

Clean Up On 24th August


Road Clean Up On 31st August

Litter 3 bags – Belfast Road from Comber Road to entrance Saintfield Demense, on both sides of road

Litter 2 bags – Top of the hill at football grounds

Litter 1 bag – Station Road from bridge to Windmill Industrial Estate

Weeds 1 bag ragwort – at bridge on Station Road

Litter 1 bag – Comber Street after Demense Wood / Rowallane Inn car park/ Downpatrick Street Car Park

These areas not touched by any community litter pick.


Community Litter Pick – 6th September

There will be another Community Litter Pick on Saturday 6th September.  Everyone is welcome to come along and help clean up our village!

Dayglo jackets, protective gloves and litter pick tools will be provided.

Date: Saturday 6th September
Time: 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Meeting point: Car Park in front of 2nd Saintfield Presbyterian Church.

Refreshments will be provided at the end of the Litter Pick.




Clean Up On 17th August

Crossgar Road (from New Line to Queen’s Park): under hedges and in gutter on the road – 12 bags of dirt

Ballynahinch Road (from 30mph sign to Drumnaconnell Road): emergency clean up of the contents of two black bin bags strewn across the road and in the verges

Lisburn Road: Saintfield Development Association members were also in action cleaning the verges on the Lisburn Road.  Some photographs of their work can be seen below:

Lisburn Road Clean Up On 17th August

Lisburn Road Clean Up On 17th August

Lisburn Road Clean Up On 17th August


Street Clean On 14th August

Members of Saintfield Development Association tackled the stretch of Listooder Road from Shrewsbury Heights to Listooder Park.  A total of 11 bags of dirt were swept up and bagged.

The photographs below show the result of the pavement and gutter clean on the Listooder Road:

Listooder Road

Listooder Road


Down Your Street Latest

Tuesday 12/8/14.
8pm – 9pm.

Litter pick on Ballynahinch Road.

1 bag of litter collected.


Clean On 3rd August

10.30 – 13.00 on the Crossgar Road: 26 bags collected.
(13 from traffic lights to Old Grand Jury Road and 13 from Old Grand Jury Road to Gateway sign.)

15.30 – 17.30 on the Ballynahinch Road from the 30MPH sign to Drumaconnell Road: 9 bags of waste lifted.

Down Your Street campaign = 309.5 bags of waste lifted!


Thursday 31st July

SDA’s Green Saintfield Committee members have been out on the roads again:

Date: Thursday 31st July 2014
Time: 7.00pm to 9.00pm

Flower bed weeded at Saintfield High School – 3 bags
Footpath on Belfast Road cleaned to Comber Road – 7 bags of dirt
Traffic island at Ballgowan Road junction tidied up – 1 bag of dirt and 1 bag of litter

12 bags of litter, weeds & dirt collected on the night

Overall total to 31st July = 274.5 bags of waste collected!